Seven Days of Self-Esteem Post-it Note Love

As you probably know by now, I have a tendency to write the longest blog posts (I am also well known for leaving the longest answer machine messages too)!
So, I thought this week I would make a little video for you all instead! The post-it note love is something that we started doing with Sarah about a year ago. I would leave little post-it notes in her lunch box or school bag, or somewhere in her room.

In return, Sarah would leave little notes for me, thanking me for being her Mummy. She would tell me how much she loved me and apologised for all the bad things that she had done (this would always break my heart).
We watched over time as Sarah’s self-esteem grew, as did her love, and affection. We observed how a very scared, anxious and lost little girl found her smile and became happy and confident once again.

I hope it works for you and your child!

With Love & Light,

Susy x

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