Month: May 2016

Everything will be OK!

I once saw ‘Everything will be OK’ written on an air freshener at a service station, and I knew I had to have it in my life!  That was 18 months ago and although it doesn’t smell anymore (I have since stopped buying chemical smelly things), it still takes pride of place in my car. When …

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Mornings with ADHD!

Today wasn’t the easiest of mornings; I knew it wouldn’t be, the children have just had five days off school, four days for Easter and then a yummy, extra day at home. The Easter break had been kind to us and Sarah’s* behaviour overall had been excellent. A little testing at times, but no more …

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The Naplan Nightmare!

NAPLAN testing in the schools is happening in two weeks, and although for some kids it can bring a bit of anxiety, for ADHD children, it can be a game changer and a one-way route to a meltdown!I had spoken to Sarah’s* teacher about NAPLAN and told her that we hadn’t even breathed the word …

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