Seven Days of Post-it Note Love

Life with kids is always up and down, but this increases tenfold when you have a different type of child. Three years ago I was lost in a world of darkness and despair. I started to realise that I’d become a victim of my circumstances. As soon I stopped putting my life into other people hand’s and took back the power – a miracle was granted.

The thoughts we have today shape our tomorrow, so it’s essential that we try and make our thoughts, environments and lives as ‘positive’ as we can; even when it’s hard.

I know how hard it is when you are lost and bewildered with your child; which is why I would like you to join me this week on the ‘7 Day Self-Esteem Post-it Note Challenge. Scroll down to watch the two videos and to learn more.

Love & Light,

Susy xo



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