Free ‘Calm Mama’ Guided Meditation

A few months ago my life completely transformed. I’d been on a very spiritual path since the beginning of this year and even though I was feeling so much better; happier, more focused and less stressed, my anxiety was still plaguing me. To be honest, I’d come to live with it. I figured that because I have ADHD, maybe I would always feel this way?

At certain times in the month (you hear me ladies), my ‘old friend’ anxiety was starting to win. It was affecting my relationship with my children and my husband. I thought that one week a month (often more) was nothing to worry about, but then I realised that was three months every year! That meant that every six years, I was losing 18 months to sadness, anxiety, worry and fear. Then it hit me; I had to something. 

So, I started to meditate. Every day, sometimes twice I would take myself off for just ten minutes and meditate. So many of us don’t do it because we over think it, or we don’t realise how important and vital it is for our mental health. I’ve come to learn that it’s not just vital; it’s essential! I’ve changed a few other things too, which I’m going to share with you very soon, but for now; this is my gift to you.

Calm Mama – This guided meditation will help you to breathe, relax and also show you how to give yourself love and compassion.

You need to a find a time that works for you and get that ‘time’ in every day. When I first began, I would meditate at bedtime, and now I tend to mediate before I wake and then at night too (hello dreamy sleep). If you use crystals and essential oils these work well with meditation.

I hope you like it; it was made with love – just for you. 

Love & Light,

Susy xox


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