Women Are Sacred

This is something very close to my heart. One in three woman are suffering from mental health issues, yet because it’s in our mind; often people don’t see it. Women aren’t being supported, loved and nourished. The more we feel ‘scared’, the less we feel sacred and the worse our mental health becomes. This isn’t just affecting our lives, but the lives of our children.

This week’s video blog is my honest journey about my own issues with mental health and how I’ve learned to turn fear into love. I share how even though I was diagnosed with ADHD and PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder) and was suffering from anxiety; I turned it all around with some simple, holistic things.

My intention is share everything that has worked for me with other women, so I can support their holistic mental health journey with essential oils, meditation, kundalini yoga, emotional freedom technique and so much more…

Please click the video below

If you would like to find out more about you can join one of my essential oils sisterhoods, please send me a message here and we can have a chat. My dream is to help as many women as I can to turn their fear into love and to realise how incredibly sacred and amazing they truly are!

Love & light,

Susy xoxo