Dancing with the Universe (and chats with God)

Many of us can associate with the Universe. We talk of being guided by the universe, manifesting to the Universe and trusting in the Universe. I’ve been like that for the last decade after I read ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. I learned that our ‘thoughts become things’, and that we put out to the universe, we attract back.

One of my turning points into ‘positively’ parenting a child with ADHD was to take accountability for my thoughts. I realised that if I wanted to change Seren’s behaviour, I needed to change my thoughts and remove my fears and self-limiting beliefs about the situation. This was also a time that I began ‘manifesting’ to the Universe and imagining how I wanted our ADHD life to be.

I would pray, visualise and slowly but surely, life started to change for the better. A friend called out of the blue, a new doctor came into our lives, someone reached out to me, and day by day small miracles took place. I was still struggling with the thought of this being anything to do with God and felt much more comfortable  that I was just ‘dancing with the Universe’.

Seren was doing so much better, but I was still struggling. I desperately missed my family and friends in the UK, and even though I’d just published my book about our ADHD journey, I was just about keeping it together. I couldn’t settle, my mind wandering, my thoughts were dark, and I didn’t know which way to turn. Then something out of the blue happened and changed my life forever.

On the 19th February last year, a random course of events lead me to a local church one sunny afternoon. I was attending a ‘Yes You Can Women’s Conference’, but I’d failed to notice that it was being held at a church. It was a four-hour conference, and I suddenly realised that it was very ‘Godly’. My first initial thoughts were; ‘what earth am I doing here’, but minutes into this conference; I was in tears.

What happened to me that day was a miracle, and in an instant, my life changed forever. The pastor asked us to close our eyes and connect with Jesus, reluctantly and feeling very weird; I closed my eyes. Having ADHD means you can have thoughts racing through your head constantly. You can have so many thoughts and ideas all at once, that your head can be an in spin. However this thought, this feeling, this moment – I had a knowing that was so real and true. This was a conversation with God.

I was so overcome with emotion that I started to cry and I didn’t stop for the entire four hours! I knew the person next to me could see me and I felt like the entire church could hear me, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t stop crying – it was such a release of emotions.  It was a feeling of peace and clarity and God spoke to my heart. In that moment, I had an intuition that I had to help women and children and almost in an instant, I had a trust and a knowing – this was my calling.

I’d only ever shown my face once on social media, but as soon as I left church that day, I recorded my first video blog. I would write blogs every day and share our life to I could support, guide and empower other ADHD parents. I started a positive ADHD movement and went on to write a book which I gave away for free – The ADHD Mama Guide. Over the next couple of months, I was baptised, I learned about God, Jesus, angels, miracles, but most importantly I learned about love and faith. For me, God isn’t about religion, God is about love, and when we walk with him, we walk in love. We forgive ourselves; we learn to show ourselves self-love, self-care, self-compassion. We move from fear and self-doubt and pain.

Over the course of the next few months, there were significant shifts. Friendships ended, new friendships were made, I moved in different circles, I had a clarity, a knowing, a deeper connection for life, family, friends and the planet. It was profoundly confronting at times as I revisited painful childhood memories and had deep, honest conversations. It was scary and overwhelming, but I knew that this work needed to be done. I trusted in God, and I kept my faith. I once read that sometimes ‘shit has to happen, for the shift to happen’. Even though some of these shifts were so uncomfortable, I had a deep intuitive knowing that the Universe was preparing me for something.

A few weeks ago, a very good friend of mine gave me an opportunity to start a new business. Even though this opportunity pushed me so far out of my comfort zone (and it was something that I’d resisted for years), I knew what this was about. They say the Universe will not let you go forward until you have learned the lesson that needs to be learned. I came to realise that my healing, my journey, my path, it wasn’t just about making sure that I was ready; it was so I could teach other women everything that I’d learned. I could teach them how to step into their spirituality, how to show themselves self-care, self-love, self-compassion and to lead others. I’m now teaching womenall over the world how to take back their health power and educate them all about essential oils and wellness.

There are too many women suffering, too many kids suffering and it’s all because of mental health issues, which I now see as ‘spiritual health’ issues. I once heard Eckhart Tolle talk about mental health issues and linked it to the bible. He said the bible talks about the ‘birth pangs’ and how he believes that the mental health epidemic in the world right now is simply the birth pangs that the bible mentions. Eckhart describes that just before a women gives birth, she is in excruciating pain, but then there is a new life. He feels that as we go through these ‘shift’s on the other side is ‘awakening’.

Having dealt with my own mental health issues and seeing it in my young daughter, I can now confidently say for us; it was just the ‘birth pangs’ before a new life emerged. I couldn’t see this when I was living in my head, living in fear every day, and relying on my own strength.  We weren’t put on this earth for pain and suffering; this isn’t how they story ends. It’s time for us to raise up as women, as mothers, to take our health into our own hands, to heal ourselves; to rise.

When we are in true alignment with ourselves, when we stop relying on our strength, when we set our intentions and listen to our intuition – that’s when the miracle happens. There is healing in love, compassion and forgiveness and there is light inside each and everyone one of us that wants to shine. I want to show as many women as possible that right now you have the power to do all of this. You have the power to make a life for yourself that is happy, abundant, joyful and present!

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Love & light,

Susy xo

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