ADHD and Spirituality

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I come to you today with a different voice, but from a pure, honest place about my journey with ADHD and Indigo children. You may not have heard of Indigo children until now, so my video blog will explain all about them and the link with ADHD (scroll down to watch the video). I’ve spent the last three years researching everything about ADHD, and the last 12 months writing and sharing information for parents. 

Over the course of the last eight months, I have been going through bit of a ‘spiritual awakening.’ I didn’t fully understand what it was or where I was going, but I knew that there was a shift happening. I felt compelled to put one foot in front of the other and go forward with love and faith. During this journey, I took a slight detour but a very significant and needed one. I was assessed by a psychologist and then diagnosed with ADHD and PMDD (pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder).

After the diagnosis, I spent some time taking in all the information, and after I’d digested it all, I decided not to take the medical route. I’m not against medication, but for me, I knew that the diagnosis was part of my spiritual path. It was here to show me something, teach me something about myself and my child, so I could go on to teach other parents.

This month is spirituality September, and I’ll be covering a new topic each week based on my spiritual journey. This week it’s ADHD; then I will cover oppositional defiance disorder, autism and finally PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). I hope you like it.

With love & light

Susy xo

2 thoughts on “ADHD and Spirituality”

  1. Thank you so much for this video.I have been dealing with ADHD my whole life. I am 22 years old now and I am having a hard time finding my place and figuring out what my purpose is on earth. I love life and and I get excited about all the possibilities. I’ve always been very spiritual and love to meditate and learn about crystals but when it comes to school I can’t get into it. It upsets me to disappoint my family they would love to see me graduate college and become someone. I’m having a hard time finding my talent and my purpose.

  2. Summer Mensah

    My younger sister is 19 and in the exact same position as you. I think it be so great if some of us could link up and share some of our struggles/experiences. We’ve only just discovered the term Indigo, but we feel that is my sister completely.

    She was in a rather dark place because she was recently diagnosed with ADHD, but could not make sense of it. However, I’d always seen it as more of a spiritual gift than a disorder; I just never had any information to back it up. But, this video was a confirmation that we were led in the right direction!
     (Haha, you made this video almost a year ago, but it feels like it came just in time for us. Thank you for speaking on this and bringing guidance)

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