Spirituality And The Defiant Child

Hey, Guys!

This week’s video blog is all about spirituality and oppositional defiance disorder (ODD) – scroll down to watch the video. The label ‘Oppositional defiance disorder’ makes us look at these children in an entirely different way. 
It’s a label full of fear. We don’t need to be fearful of these children; we just need to love them. Sarah was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder when she was just seven years old. So many diagnoses for such a young soul!

I stopped listening to all the expert advice two years ago, and instead of being fearful of her ODD, I started to approach it with love. I learned to detach myself from the horrible diagnosis and instead look at it through a different lens – a lens of love. I learned that Sarah was only expressing herself in this way as she was trying to protect herself. She was scared of her environment, and felt that I didn’t love her. I found this out about 12 months later when we were chatting about old times.

‘Sarah, why did you act that way? Why did you scream and shout like that’? I asked her.

“I was scared Mummy; I didn’t feel safe. I didn’t feel safe at school or home, and that’s the only way I knew how to protect myself”, Sarah replied.

What she said to me that day changed me and I’m so happy to say that she no longer has oppositional defiance disorder or anxiety. She still ADHD, but to me, that’s just her different, unique way to be!

I hope this video blog helps you and your child.

With love & light and so much love,
Susy xo

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