Autism and the Spiritual Connection

Hey there!

Welcome to this weeks blog all about autism and the spiritual connection. Today’s video blog are the opinions and feelings expressed by the beautiful autism mama’s.

They share with me their children’s unique, spiritual gifts and how their children’s gifts bring love and joy into their families hearts. Each story was captivating, and although different, very much the same.

I’m so grateful to the mama’s that shared their journeys with me.

With Love & Light

Susy xo

2 thoughts on “Autism and the Spiritual Connection”

  1. Wonderful Susy, you speak for so many of us Mums and our children and realising that we are not so different from our children with our own journey of discovery and our own special gifts to share with the world is amazing, we are here to show the world a better way forward <3 xo

    1. Susy Parker

      Thank you so much for the love!! Only just realised how to view comments (hence the long response time)! xx

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