The Truth About ADHD!

Right now all over the world, there is a wave of change happening. Doctors, experts, neurologists, psychologists, naturopaths, teachers, mums and so many more people are coming together and rising! These are important conversations that we need to have. Too many kids and children are being diagnosed or misdiagnosed with ADHD.

I have been talking about this for so long, but today I had the incredible opportunity of sharing my story, my passion and my mission with Dr Brad Ellisor live on his facebook group ‘The Truth About ADHD’. Dr Ellisor is one of a team of experts worldwide who are bringing light to this subject; these are exciting times!

We had some technical glitches, so the video is in two parts. It will only be up for this weekend, so jump on in and watch it ASAP. The tides are turning guys!

Video One

Video Two

Love & light,

Susy Parker x

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