The ADHD story that’s just not getting told

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The Truth About ADHD – the FREE docuseries begins today, and I’m inviting you to join me in furthering the mission of educating people across the globe on the issue of kids health and ADHD.

I was featured in the the Natural ADHD summit with 14 other ADHD leaders across the globe. Neurologists, doctors, naturopaths and ADHD coaches and many more, all shared their expertise and their hearts to educate and empower parents worldwide. Dr Brad Ellisor who lead the summit is one of the experts featured in the documentary; the truth about ADHD.

If you’ve not yet been able to register, you still have a chance to catch it just in time!


The reason The Truth About ADHD was created is because some of the world’s top behavioural experts saw that there was a void, and there needed to be a voice, – an organization dedicated to you – and to educating you on what is really going on with ADHD. …The ADHD story that’s just not getting told.

And, boy oh boy did it take off. Turns out there’s a real desire and need for the kind of information that they were able to put together for you.

Since they launched The Truth About ADHD, it seems that every day I hear of someone that is joining our mission to educate about kids health. I am passionate about educating parents and setting them free! Knowledge is power!

Click Here to Register to watch the FREE series starting tomorrow.

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