Do you need some positive ADHD inspiration?

Then these two podcasts are for you! The first podcast was recorded for The Faster Than Normal Podcast with Peter Shankman and I’m so proud of this interview! It really highlights the journey that we’ve been on as a family from feeling so embarrassed and fearful of the diagnosis, to feeling super proud and enlightened!

You can listen to this podcast HERE.

The second podcast is from my podcast ‘The ADHD Mama’. I recorded a Facebook and Instagram live with my husband Karl about what’s its like raising an ADHD child as a dad. I’ve had so many messages from this interview, with people saying how much it helped them. Karl was honest, frank and to the point and he touched on so many issues and struggles that ADHD parents face, but also shared how to turn them into positives.

You can listen to this podcast HERE.

I hope these two podcasts inspire you to live, love & laugh with ADHD. If you want to read our full story, you can click here to find out more info about my book ‘Saving Sarah’. My book is available as a ebook or paperback and is available worldwide.

Love & light

Susy xo

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