When we grow in fear, we lessen a life in love

A couple of weeks ago, I started to realise I was living through a lens of fear and was completely out of alignment. Travelling back to the UK for three weeks was so exciting, yet it brought up old patterns, fears and self-doubts. I was feeling emotional, small and voiceless. I guess we can all have those moments when we chose to listen to those fears and doubts, but it’s about saying to your ego; ‘I am enough, I refuse to be small or listen to that annoying inner critic that gets louder and louder’.

Being in the UK meant that I was out of my self-care routine, which for me is less about external self-care and more about the internal, spiritual work. I hadn’t been meditating, I hadn’t been praying, and for me, this is so important. So last week the day before we flew home, I got down on my knees and prayed.

I prayed for clarity, for wisdom, for a deeper faith and help to remove my self-limiting doubts that were stopping me do what I was called here to do. Later on that morning, I met some of my best friends for a farewell lunch. One of my besties brought along her mum, who I hadn’t seen for years. As we sat chatting and sharing the last few years of life since we’d seen each other, she smiled and then said these words to me;

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind

This is all I needed, it was so profound and moving to me that my eyes filled with tears. Fear isn’t something that we are born with; it’s something we learn. We intuitively pick up fears from our parents, our school, our church, the news, the world around us and when we grow in fear, we lessen a life in love. I knew that I had been listening to my ego again, those faint whispers of doubt that get louder and louder if we let them. It was time to drown them out, stand tall and be of service to others.

Living in fear, causes us to step out of aligment of our souls true work here on Earth. Fear can cause us to be anxious, have sleepless nights and arguments with our partners. Our relationships with our children aren’t filled with love and happiness, but with anger and resentment. Our days can feel sad, sometimes hopeless; we worry about the past, we worry about the future – we even worry about today. As I said goodbye to my friends mum, she hugged me in close and whispered the most beautiful prayer to me. She prayed that we a wonderful flight and that we were kept safe. I cried, hugged my beautiful besties one last time and said goodbye.

The next day as the plane began it’s descend to Perth, I looked out of the window and saw the most amazing pink-tinged clouds. They were so soft and magical, it felt like we were gliding through heaven. There was no crazy turbulence (very unusual for a Perth landing), no painful ears from the pressure (yep even the babies didn’t cry); we just soared gracefully like an angel to the runway. It made me see that when you are living in love and faith, that’s freedom. When you allow yourself to be truly empowered and stop being gripped by fear and self-doubt – then you rise and you empower others!

May for me is all about ‘Empower You’. I’m going to be running essential oils classes all over Perth and online, and teaching and guiding women to “Empower You’. We will learn, we will share our hearts, we will educate each other. My classes will be more like study groups to help women empower each other. I will also be sharing online some of my most popular blogs, chapters from my book and so much more.

We rise by lifting others, and my intention for May is to help you rise and experience this month through a lens of love and not one of fear.

Love & so much light,

Susy x

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