Your Pain Is Your Story, And There Is Healing In Your Pain.

Where are you in your journey with your child or children? Do you feel sadness? Regret? Fear? Overwhelm? Embarrassment? Are you comparing yourself to others and relying on your own strength? It’s time to let that shit go. You can’t do the incredible work that you need to do with your child in this lifetime if you allow those feelings to run the show. You were never supposed to be doing this work alone. Whether you believe in God or not, there is a universal energy of love & light all around us. You have a sisterhood of mums who are going through this with you.

Never be ashamed of your story, your story is here to heal you. The shadows of your life that you try so hard to hide are here to teach you, and on the other the side of your shadows is light. Your light has healing and truth, and when you share this, you allow others to heal. You create bridges and break down walls. Rivers flow once again, and the never-ending darkness turns to light, and so you rise. Never be ashamed of your child, or the differences that they bring to this life. Their gifts are needed in this world, and when you allow yourself to feel into this, they will feel it too, and so they will rise with you.

You have been given this type of child for a reason, and if you trust in the process, you will see that your child is here to teach you.¬†However, to heal your child, first, you must heal yourself. Allow yourself to connect with your heart, for she has the answers to your shadows. We all have different shadows. Many from childhood, others from loss, mistakes, grief or shame. Maybe you feel that you are not ready or that it may be too painful? But here’s the thing, you are a warrior woman, a rebel with a cause and you can do this. You have the strength to push back the curtain, stand tall in front of the world and say out loud “This is who I am, and this is my child”. Every woman who heals herself heals her children’s children. Please see this work that you need to do, is not only is needed for you but for generations to come.

The healing that you seek likes in the heart and the eyes of your child. They have chosen you to be their mother because they knew that you were the one person who can change this; you hold the key. Be brave enough dear one to allow yourself to open the door to your shadows. When you allow yourself to heal, you not only heal yourself and your child but all the sisters of the world that carry this burden in their hearts. When we rise and we rise together, we allow our children to rise with us – it is time. You got this sister.

Love & eternal light,

Susy xo

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  1. Thank You for your enlightenment! Your strength gives courage for those that so need to know how their lives could be changed for the better, just by bettering themselves.

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