A Conversation On Conscious Parenting

I recently connected with an incredible, mental health expert called Dr Nicole LePera, you can find her on Instagram as The Holistic Psychologist. Our work is very similar, and she reached out to me as she loves the conversation that I am having around ‘heal the mama, heal the child’. This is my next book, and I am 10,000 words into it and can’t want to share it with you when it’s published towards the end of this year.

I shared all of this in my first book, Saving Sarah which is the diary of an ADHD mum. I shared the highs and lows that I went through parenting a different type of child and share everything from the consulting rooms, teachers, family and how it affected me deeply. It was at the end of the journey that I started to see the huge impact of my mental health, our family dynamic and the school which had caused so many of the issues in my child. It was during this part of the journey that I discovered that often the answers that we seek to help our child, are simply within us. They are in our life for a reason.

Thank you so much, Susy, for this much-needed video. I had some serious calls there and feel so much liberated, listened and understood.

I was blown away by the hundreds of messages, comments and emails that I had from mums after I shared this video with Dr LePera.

Brilliant. I had been for days working on the topic and so the timing is amazing to see you both so aware and able to deconstruct it. Self-healing and self-awareness always 💐
Teresa Encarnação

This is exactly what I saw as a therapist once I was diagnosed with ADHD – the ADHD in the kids stemmed from the parents & their parenting methods, yet few parents were ready and willing to see what you saw and began to own within yourself. I left a job because I no longer resonated with a system that saw the kids as the one with the “disorder” or the “issue” that had to be solved. I commend you for this! 🙏🏽 You are such a wayshower – thanks for sharing your truth, Susy!
Kate Lally

My son same exact thing…oppositional defiant disorder and ADD and we clash because he is my mirror!! Thank you so much!! Excellent video!
April Pugh

This video is absolutely amazing!! Thank you for sharing! It’s a lonely road when you’re the only one in your tribe that thinks along these lines and trying to explain it to others who are resistant and believe in helicopter parenting, or “toughening sensitive kids up” instead of allowing space for children to be who they are authentically. Not only have you provided confirmation and validation on my own journey as a self healer and a conscious parent, but you have also inspired and uplifted my personal belief that credentials are not the only wisdom required to share real healing with others. Truly amazing work! ✨
Lena Tanya

Click here to watch it now & feel free to leave a comment

Love & light,
Susy x

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