My name is Susy, and I’m a mama to three amazing kids, Seren (12), Daisy (8) and Flynn (6). I live in Perth, Australia, with my hubs and partner of 20 years, Karl, our amazing children and our two mini poodles.

I began blogging in 2016 about the journey of parenting a spirited child. I then published my book, ‘Diary of an ADHD Mum’, in 2017. The book was my diary about the highs and lows of ADHD, intending to inspire, support and empower parents with a different type of child.

This journey has taken so many twists and turns, but the biggest lesson was to SEE that it was not our child that needed fixing, it was simply ‘us’ the parents, and our society on how we view different children.

I genuinely believe that our children choose us for a reason. Each one has a unique gift which when we trust, can begin to heal us in the most profound ways. Our spirited children are here to break the mould, open pandora’s box and take us on a journey of unbecoming everything we thought we were supposed to be. Within the unravelling begins the healing, which ultimately brings us back to love.

This is what our world needs and our spirited children are here to break us open to our wounds hidden beneath. Only when we are brave enough to walk through the darkness, can we find the light.

For me, the old paradigm and the western world’s way of trying to ‘fix’ these children didn’t sit right with my heart and my soul. I believe that there is a reason that so many children are being born this way. To try and make them fit in, sit quiet, behave in a way that isn’t congruent with their being, is part of the problem with our western society. It’s going against nature and the natural flow of the Universe.

We need to do better. We need to do more.

We need to go inwards and work on ourselves. Heal the mama, heal the child is where the answers lie. It can be a lonely, scary path and I honour every mother who is showing up and doing the work — breaking free from the confinements of society, going against the status quo, leaning in and trusting. It takes guts – but you have it, which is why your child chose you.

I learned that first, we must learn to heal ourselves, this, in turn, will heal our child (yes miracles are real), then we can support our partners and send healing energy and light into our communities and the world.

Your healing matters. You matter. Your child matters.

My next book ‘Heal the mama, heal the child’ will be out very soon.

So much love
Susy x

Love & Light,



you are safe, you are loved,
you are supported

The sisterhood helps keep me grounded on the days I'm overwhelmed, connected when I'm feeling lost & positive on the days I feel the negativity creeping. I will forever be grateful for you Susy!

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