Susy is an author, meditation teacher, speaker and mama to three amazing children (soon to be four). Susy’s writing first began after she published her first book, Diary of an ADHD Mum; Learning to Live, Love & Laugh Parenting a Child with ADHD.

Susy is passionate about empowering parents to accept the child they have and to make peace with their child’s differences. She empowers mothers to tap into their intuition, step out of a lens of fear, and parent through a lens of love.

Susy feels passionate that instead of trying to heal the child, we must allow ourselves to witness that our child is our mirror. Only then can we let the triggers guide us to our unhealed, unprocessed pain, and trauma. Susy teaches mothers that to heal their child, first, they must heal themselves, and she gives them the tools to do this potent and life-transforming work.

Susy has been featured as a guest writer for blogs such as Lifehack, Healthline, and ADDitude Magazine, as well as being interviewed on various podcasts. Susy has been featured in both local and national newspapers, magazines, and mainstream television in Australia.