ADHD is a Not a Disability – Don’t Believe The BS!

Let’s get real AF here!!!! To me, the definition of ‘disabled’ – is that you have a disadvantage to another person and that you are unable to do something that that a ‘normal’ person would be able to do. The word ‘disabled’ doesn’t exactly make us feel great when we understand that we are unable to do something like someone else.
There are times when this word is used, but it should NOT be used when describing someone who has a different brain, with a different set of skills and gifts.

To deem someone, a child especially disabled is a HUGE AF statement, and we need to ensure that such a statement isn’t going to affect that child for the rest of their lives. In my humble opinion, there is NO WAY that I would ever say to beautiful, talented, creative, resilient, brave and yes outspoken, determined, strong-willed and full of energy firecracker daughter that she was DISABLED. What the actual f would that do a person’s self-esteem? ADHD is NOT a disability, it’s merely a different, beautiful brain that is very misunderstood in today’s world.
If we are going to raise our children’s spirits, stand tall and make changes in the schooling system, change our parenting from control parenting to conscious parenting and see that our child needs healing, not diagnosing, we would never see this as DISABILITY (more an awakening).

The disability is a schooling system that needs shaking up. The disability is a generation of parents who are willing to allow the medical world to make them think that their child has a mental disorder. The pharmaceutical industry has made it commonplace to diagnose and medicate humans before they even take simple tests such as gut tests, blood tests, heavy metals tests, allergies tests and so on and forth. They are missing vital and important things such as anxiety, trauma, bullying, sleep issues, dietary issues, connection issues with parents and siblings and another hundred or so reasons why our children are acting that way.

Our kids need love, connection, healing from the inside (not being drugged and labelled as disabled). This is a world gone mad!
Yes, I understand that hardships of ADHD, I have written a book about it; however, you know what the problem was? Me! I was the problem. I was trying to seem too perfect as a mother and I didn’t allow room for my amazing, wild child kid! I didn’t let her be who she needed to be! I was parenting with control, not love, I was allowing others to fill me with fear about my daughter. I was listening to untruths from peers, family, teachers, society, experts and instead, I didn’t wake and smell the coffee (although I’ll have a cacao please)! When I worked on myself, when I let go of logic and accepted my incredible daughter, when she got the gut healing that she needed, when I become brave AF and found my own path – that’s when the magic happened. When I stood tall and courageous with the schooling system, when I worked on me and my marriage, when I stepped out of the matrix and took the red pill (so to speak), I was awakened to the TRUTH!

When I was diagnosed with adult ADHD two years ago, I was told I needed medication because I had a mental disorder, even though I was thriving in life! I decided to find my own path, and it changed my life!! I stepped away from the scary, dark-filled BS of the medical world and instead decided to learn how to work with my ADHD, not be scared of it and try and fix it with pills.

I learned I had many gut issues and high levels of histamine that were causing my brain fog, hormonal issues and anxiety. I fixed this with diet, and you know what happened???? ADHD wasn’t a problem anymore. I stopped drinking coffee as it was giving me a cortisol shot of anxiety every morning (ADHD’ers don’t need any more cortisol to thank you very much). I started to meditate EVERY SINGLE DAY, and this has helped me so much! I learned to slow down, use essential oils, be in nature more and ACCEPT and LOVE myself as a society had me feel shit about myself for too long.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I had believed the BS that ADHD was a disability? Can you imagine what would have happened to my daughter? When we so readily ACCEPT the ADHD is a disability, it changes a person. It stops them from healing, growing, awakening to the endless possibilities that this type of brain is awesome AF!

Please do yourself a favour and do not believe or buy into the rumours. ADHD is not a disability, it has AWESOME capabilities that our world needs right now. It does need any more normal people, it needs resilience, impulsive, creative, strong-willed, brave and full of energy awakened souls – don’t buy into the BS! Instead, learn to THRIVE and show them all how wrong they were!

Amen & Peace to all
Susy x

2 thoughts on “ADHD is a Not a Disability – Don’t Believe The BS!”

  1. Katharine Firestone

    I have ADHD and Anxiety and the combination at least has proven to be disabling in specific circumstances. I had to accept the “disability” aspect to recognize my right for accommodations. I don’t know how to make the language work differently. I know that I have incredible advantages because of my ADHD but it is a FIGHT to find them and understand them and make them work for me. The word disability doesn’t have to be a curse, it can be a very important tool when facing adversity, especially ignorance, for the purpose of advocacy for the ADHD community. I do not take it for granted, and I hope I will never abuse it, but don’t be afraid of it.

    1. This was so beautifully explained, thank you.
      I feel the main reason that my work will change next year is because of my feelings around this. My diagnosis was the start of my journey, but it became a 2-year deep, cathartic healing journey. My next which will be published in 2020 is all about this. I really want to share my findings as its been HUGE! Thank you for sharing your heart x

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