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It is Time to Begin Your Healing Journey

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Access all the Healing Tools From my Book

All the healing tools from my book in one easy place.

Healing Tools For Mama

My book features; Healing Tools For Mama – which you will find in chapter 10.

To make it super easy and accessible for you, I have put all the healing tools in one place.

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Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Healing?

Reading a book is one thing, but we need fully embody the work if we want to allow the healing transformation to take place.

The Heal The Mother, Heal The Child Journal

With the Heal the Mother, Heal the Child Journal, Susy gives you the practical tools to begin your healing journey. The journal holds space for you to practice the powerful methods from my book.

The beautiful illustrations within are crafted to complement the inspiring mantras and give visual cues to boost your healing practice. Using the journal and the guidance from my book, you will begin to let go of fear, self-ridicule, anxiety, regret and instead, help you to meet yourself with love and acceptance. 

Using the book and the journal together will become a powerful and life-transforming practice that will help you to heal on a deep cellular level, so you can be a way-shower for generations to come. With this energetically charged tool, your powerful healing journey is just a few pages away.