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Broken To Thriving With Your Challenging Child

This course will take you to places you had never even thought of. It will open your eyes, talk straight to your heart and set you free – this course will bring you home. From Broken to Thriving is exactly what you have been waiting for! It’s time to take the steps that you need to change the course of your path and join an enlightened, supportive and loving sisterhood of mums!

About The Course

Online Video Course & Free Private Sisterhood Membership

Feature One

11 different modules covering all the chapters from Susy's book; Saving Sarah learning to live, love & laugh with ADHD. Susy goes deep into each chapter covering medication, natural solutions, school, parenting and her journey as a mother.

Feature Two

Two Bonus Modules for Dad's - video interviews with tips & tricks for men by the ADHD dad

Feature Three

Lifetime Access into the course portal so you can watch back any of the videos anytime

Feature Four

Four guided meditations written for mums to help you step into YOUR power, plus affirmations to empower and support you and to increase your self-esteem and self-worth.

Feature Five

Bonus Videos with leading Neuro-psychotherapist Dr Natalis Challis and Nutritionist Leigh Shinde.

Feature Six

Free Lifetime Access to the Sisterhood Private Membership Facebook Group. Weekly live Q&A's with Susy


This is exactly what I saw as a therapist once I was diagnosed with ADHD - the ADHD in the kids stemmed from the parents & their parenting methods, yet few parents were ready and willing to see what you saw and began to own within yourself. I left a job because I no longer resonated with a system that saw the kids as the one with the “disorder” or the “issue” that had to be solved. I commend you for this! 🙏🏽 You are such a wayshower - thanks for sharing your truth, Susy!
Kate Lally
I can honestly say its been life changing for me and therefore for my child/family to be part of your sisterhood. I so appreciate having your knowledge and positivity especially in the hard times, its given me so much strength knowing that you've walked this path and its not all doom and gloom. It doesn't have to go the traditional way, the doctors don't have the answers, WE DO!!! We just need to dig deep to find it. I can't imagine having gone down this road without the love and light you shine. THANK YOU. xxx
Tory Saunders
Susy has shown me what I already knew deep in my heart to be true. That there is nothing wrong with my son - he didn't have the problem. The world around him just couldn't keep up with how amazingly wonderful and brilliant he was. Susy came into my life when I felt like no one else understood our plight and gave me the strength to be my son's strength. Eternally grateful.

Mel Tempra

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