Broken To Thriving With Your Challenging Child Webinar

Wow, it’s been ages since I wrote a blog on my website! If you have been following me on social media, you will know that lot’s has been happening! I have recently had a new website built and I have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate your way around. I have got links to my podcast; The ADHD Mama, my book and my free webinar. Plus you can access my online courses, find out about my Sisterhood Membership and also come along to my events in Perth.

I am also going to be adding in a lot of free resources for parents with information to support you on your journey such as articles, holistic psychologists & psychiatrists (yes there is such a thing) to follow and so much more. My message to parents is that I want to inspire you to thrive on this journey with your child. and if we can do this drug-free; how awesome would that be.

As someone who has tried both medications for myself and my child and natural solutions, I am passionate about educating parents on how to do this ,as I know how overwhelming this can be. To help you begin this journey, I would love you to come along to my new webinar ‘ Broken To Thriving With Your Challenging Child, simply click the button below to register.

I have also been sharing a lot on my social media about PMDD as April is PMDD Awareness month and I was diagnosed with this two years ago, when I was diagnosed with ADHD. I will be sharing a webinar on this too (love me a webinar), and I will share it on here as soon as it’s up and running.

For regular updates, inspiration, education and so much more, please come and give me a follow on social media, as you will find me hanging out there most days! Plus, I have got some powerful podcasts coming up to, so make sure you subscribe!

So much love & light to you,

Susy xo

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