Diary of an ADHD Mum book is here!!

And so it is here — the day that I republish my book; The Diary of an ADHD Mum. Today I finally feel at peace on our journey. Gone are the guilt, fear, self-doubt, judgement and the noisy inner critic (my ego Glennis).

My cup is genuinely filed up with love and gratitude for spending the most glorious weekend with my love, Karl, and some beautiful friends at a small heart-filled festival camping under the stars. The weekend was called ‘Reverence’, and for me, this word has so much meaning and depth. Reverence means a deep respect for someone or something, and this feels so poignant today as our story is again birthed out into the world – but this time with gratitude and grace.

I now have such deep respect for our journey, myself, Karl and our amazing daughter Seren. I would not be where I am today without ADHD coming into our life. As my book shares, this journey was not all hearts and rainbows, but I have learned that to find your true path to healing and love, we must go to those places within that we try to run from.

Without this journey, I would not have discovered that I needed to heal old childhood wounds and the shadow parts of myself. Being ‘busy’ became my addiction wrapped up on a diagnosis of ADHD. I am now able to SEE that for me; the busyness was a self-taught mechanism that I developed in my teens. I honestly believe that I unintentionally caused ADHD, which I am healing year by year.

My beautiful daughter was who was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety, and oppositional defiance disorder at age 6, was mirroring me. My pain and suffering were reflected out to the world through her behaviour. The old paradigm doesn’t support healing; it just wants to diagnose and conceal the pain. Herein lies the issues with generational trauma – we are merely passing it down to our next generation, instead of healing and letting go.

I truly believe these children are being born to ‘break the cycle’ as it is in the unbreaking that we are re-born. It is from this new paradigm that we heal and stop the generational pain from passing down to our future generations. These ‘enlightened children’ are coming through thick and fast now. We can either ignore it, try and ‘fix’ it and brush it under the carpet with diagnosis’s and quick fixes, or we can do the work together collectively – mothers, fathers, teachers, friends – it takes a village.

To anyone that is struggling with their child, their partner or themselves, it is possible to turn something so confronting and challenging into something beautiful and lifechanging. I genuinely believe that part of the divine plan is to go within and allow yourself to sit with the uncomfortableness of yourself and stop running.

First, the pain, then the RISING.

The Diary of an ADHD Mum paperback is out today, and the ebook and hardback will follow this week!

Thank you so much to all my amazing online community for sharing my work and for all the support – you are amazing!!! Deep felt gratitude for you. Your messages and stories of your challenges and RISING warms my heart – you are all amazing!

Let’s keep creating magic, healing and rising for our amazing children who have chosen us to a beacon of light in their lives. Let us not be afraid, and may we all have the courage to find reverence within and let this shine out to the world.

Susy x

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