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  • 111 EASY TO WATCH VIDEOS11 different modules covering all the chapters from Susy’s book; Saving Sarah learning to live, love & laugh with ADHD. Susy goes deep into each chapter covering medication, natural solutions, school, parenting and her journey as a mother from broken to thriving.
  • 22 BONUS VIDEOS FOR DADSDo you find it hard to get your partner to make changes and support you? In these two videos, Karl talks straight to the hearts of dads. He shares how he had no connection with his daughter, why he struggled so much to parent her, and what he did to turn it all around.
  • 3LIFETIME ACCESS INTO THE SISTERHOOD PRIVATE GROUPThis is where Susy can personally coach, guide and support mothers with their struggles and challenges.
  • 42 FURTHER BONUS VIDEOS WITH TWO LEADING CHILD HEALTH EXPERTSLeading Neuro-psychotherapist Dr Natalis Challis and Nutritionist Leigh Shinde teach you all about diet, deficiencies, heavy metals, gluten & dairy affect our kids and what we can do to support them holistically .
  • 5FREE HEALING & SUPPORT TOOLS FOR MUMSFour guided meditations written for mums to help you step into YOUR power, plus affirmations to empower and support you and to increase your self-esteem and self-worth. You will also receive a 13-page workbook to support you on this journey.


Here Are Some Highlights From The Course

20 Video Lessons that will help you go from Broken to Thriving

My Child Isn’t Normal

Full Lesson Duration: 29m

“There are 101 different reasons why your child could be challenging” – often the experts are missing vital clues. 

Truth Bombs

Full Lesson Duration: 24m

We need to have more information, facts and support on childhood medication. Often parents are misinformed and children are misdiagnosed.

Healing Naturally

Full Lesson Duration: 31m

Delving deeper into our children’s differences, and learning how to heal them from the inside. This was a game-changer for our family

Conscious Parenting 

Full Lesson Duration: 24m

How our parenting was causing our child’s anxiety and defiance, and what we did to turn it around.

Regaining Your Power

Full Lesson Duration: 22m

Everything you are going through now can be changed for the better when you learn to step into your power!

Heal The Mama, Heal The Child

Full Lesson Duration: 32m

Discovering that my child was here to wake me up to my own healing was literally life changing. We must go first, in order to heal our children.

About the Author

My intention is to inspire you to live your best life with your spirited child. Whether your child has been diagnosed or not, my dream is to help, support, guide and empower you as you navigate this journey.Five years ago I was completely lost. My daughter, Seren, who was six at the time was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and oppositional defiance disorder. In a new country, with a baby, toddler and challenging six-year-old, I tried to navigate my way through this heavy and chaotic time. My diary became my sanity during the lonely and scary times and this become my first book; ​Diary of an ADHD Mum; learning to live, love & laugh parenting a child with ADHD.Over the years we’ve tried everything to support her, from diet, supplements, medication, holistic treatments, changing schools and adapting our parenting. I discovered that whilst at times this journey is hard, it was here to wake me up. I needed to heal from a traumatic childhood, past mistakes and learn to love and accept myself. I also yearned for a tribe of supportive and compassionate mothers. I needed to learn about self-love, self-compassion and allow myself to go to my shadows, as herein lies peace. Only when I began this deep and transformational journey, did my daughter began to thrive!This journey doesn’t have to be about darkness, pain and despair. If you are in this place now, please know that from here, you can begin to rise and heal. Thank you for being on this journey with me, it takes a village my friend.Love & light,

What You’ll Get In This Online Course

Access to 20 lessons which you can either watch or listen to them. You will have an easy-to-access online portal, and you get a lifetime access.

Access to three guided meditations, written and recorded by Susy, plus daily affirmations to help your regain your power. You also get a 13-page workbook to help & guide you.

Lifetime Access to the private Sisterhood Membership Facebook page. 


What People Are Saying…



“I am a mother of 5 year old Indigo daughter and Susy is literally changing my life. Susy comes from such a place of love and understanding, which has helped me to see what an amazing daughter I have! The script with Susy is flipped from negative labels and traditional methods of discipline that are going to make our kids behave or else (which by the way was a long painful road that did not work for us). To seeing my daughter as the larger than life, powerful, intuitive and highly connected soul that she is. I know that I am blessed to have a daughter with these amazing gifts, not cursed. I know that I have to be the one who changes and figure out how to guide her, not change her, and allow her to grow and change the world, because that is what she will do! Susy’s sisterhood group is a safe judgment free zone. It’s a place for sharing and healing, in a fun and positive environment with other parents living the struggle, because the struggle is real! It helps keep me grounded on the days I am overwhelmed, connected when I am feeling lost, positive on the days I feel the negativity creeping in and find laughter and friendship with others living this blessed and crazy life with these amazing children. From the bottom of my heart, I will forever be grateful for you Susy!”

Gina Storeholder, Ohio



“This is exactly what I saw as a therapist once I was diagnosed with ADHD – the ADHD in the kids stemmed from the parents & their parenting methods, yet few parents were ready and willing to see what you saw and began to own within yourself. I left a job because I no longer resonated with a system that saw the kids as the one with the “disorder” or the “issue” that had to be solved. I commend you for this! 🙏🏽 You are such a wayshower – thanks for sharing your truth, Susy!”

Kate Lally, US 



“Today I got up to module 2 and started writing down the feelings , the emotions and sitting with it – this was really powerful stuff! Susy, the meditation has been amazing and really resonated with my heart. My soul has been yearning for this and I can’t thank you enough. I thank the higher being for choosing me to parent a beautiful spirit, but for also leading me to this amazing support tribe and course! A new mumma has started her journey , to heal the inner child and I’m now starting parenting with love and acceptance”!

Maya Rabba, US



“I can honestly say its been life changing for me and therefore for my child/family to be part of your sisterhood. I so appreciate having your knowledge and positivity especially in the hard times, its given me so much strength knowing that you’ve walked this path and its not all doom and gloom. It doesn’t have to go the traditional way, the doctors don’t have the answers, WE DO!!! We just need to dig deep to find it. I can’t imagine having gone down this road without the love and light you shine. THANK YOU. xxx”

Tory Saunders, Australia



“Susy has shown me what I already knew deep in my heart to be true. That there is nothing wrong with my son – he didn’t have the problem. The world around him just couldn’t keep up with how amazingly wonderful and brilliant he was. Susy came into my life when I felt like no one else understood our plight and gave me the strength to be my son’s strength. Eternally grateful.”

Mel Tempra, Perth, WA

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 If you don’t feel that you have gained what you expected from my course, and do not get the desired outcome, just send us a message and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.


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What happens next?

Once you have purchased the course, you will have immediate access to the online course and you can request to access the Facebook Group. If you only select the FB group, you can request to access group. This is approved within the hour. If you request package 3, Susy will share her online diary with you, so you can request a date/time for the coaching call.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access for both the Facebook group and the online course with packages 2 & 3. For package 1, you will have access to the FB group whilst you are an active subscription member. 

How can I get a refund?

If you don’t feel that you have gained what you expected from my course, and do not get the desired outcome, just send us a message and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

Why should I buy this course instead of [competitor’s]?

There is nothing out there like this for parents, which is why I created it. I have made this with mums in mind. My passion is to support, guide and empower mothers across the globe to rise!

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