Full Moon Women's Circle

Thursday 13th June 630pm-830pm

About Our Circle

Full Moon is the best time to awaken our senses of what is buried deep within. During this potent time, we are able as women to go deeper into our soul’s expansion and to heal and release the heaviness.

Using sound healing, music and meditation, Emma and Susy will take you on a journey of letting go. We will be spending most of the time inside a heated space, but then we will guide you outside for our fire ceremony.

Under the stars and within a purpose made fire pit, we will collectively release and let go under the FULL MOON! Make sure you bring lots of warm, snuggy clothes for this, plus a yoga mat and a blanket for the meditation and sound healing.

We have praying for this special space for our full moon circle for a while – we are so excited to do this work with you,

See you at the circle sisters!

Emma & Susy xo

Women's reviews

"The sister circle I attended with Susy and Emma was more than a circle. It was a calling to become part of a soul tribe who hold the space for your fears, tears, hopes and dreams. I attended the circle to shed my skin and heal from a break up and it was exactly where I needed to be to both grief and give thanks. There was a code of understanding amongst us all as if it had been understood from lifetimes before. Both Susy and Emma are super sized hearts with an innate gift to spark the light within you. I am most grateful." Thanks lovely souls. X
Jen Fogarty
Being part of this womens circle was so healing for me . It healed a very deep longing for connection and acceptance . It was a nurturing and safe space to release my feelings , and to honour each of our journeys while surrendering to a much brighter future . I had breakthroughs in long held “ stuck “ feelings and I am so grateful to have found this amazing space . Thankyou Susy and Emma .​
Thank you so much Susy & Emma for last night- that was just powerful! I definitely felt that there is so much more to our life than our eyes can see and our brains can understand. I made a stop at the beach on my way home as ocean is the place I always go when life seems just too hard & too unfair... Standing in the waves and listening to the sound of them crashing on the beach... some made me wet up to my waist, some didn't even reach my feet... but they all disappeared back into ocean... and I thought these are just like our problems- some are difficult and wear you down, some go away as quick as they came but as long as we stay true to ourselves and be grounded they will all disappear... I woke up today so much stronger and more peaceful after this wonderful experience. Thank you so much for this.
Merle Harvie