A woman who heals herself, Heals her mother, Heals her child, And every woman around her.

Motherhood Healers is an 8-week Online Journey to Connect + Heal Women on a Deep Soulful Level

Motherhood Healers is about slowing down, taking a breath and coming back to your centre. It’s about giving yourself the time to stop, look within and begin your healing journey with a circle of sisters wrapped around you.

Over the 8 Weeks You Will Receive;

"Susy’s work will bring you back to yourself, help you to be present, and help you trust the connection with your intuition so you can parent your child from that beautiful heart-space and not your childhood conditioning. You will begin to trust yourself instead of looking outside of yourself for decision-making about your child. You will discover that it was within you the whole time." ~ Dr Nicole LePera (The Holistic Psychologist)

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Not only has Susy provided confirmation and validation on my own journey as a self healer and a conscious parent, she has inspired and uplifted my personal belief that credentials are not the only wisdom required to share real healing with others. Truly amazing work!"

lena tanya

Life Coach


Parenting Coach

Susy's message of Heal the Mother Heal the Child is what this world needs. So many books and webinars give content in parenting tactics, but only a few 'conscious' people are starting to realise it's more about the parents than the child. I think that message alone is excruciatingly confronting for many parents. I know it is for me, even though I am deeply passionate and interested in this work. I have three sons all in layers of anger, rage and release, it points me towards the work I need to do to find ongoing healthy ways of real easing my 40+ years of suppressed rage. Not bloody easy, and some days I wish there was a magic pill, but this work is so needed, I deeply believe in it.

Susy gives an empowering shift to parenting. She will provide you with a roadmap and guide to begin your self-healing journey but will also share the messiness and reality of parenting, which isn't perfect and shiny. It can be confronting and messy too, but that's ok. She shares her own stories and journey to help you understand you are not alone. You can have a childhood that is tainted and challenging, but with the right tools and support, you can heal on a deeper level and begin to cultivate an awakened life for yourself and your family.

Dr nicole lepera

Holistic Psychologist and Author

erika patino


I'm currently going through a lot with three kids who are 5, 4 & 2 and It's amazing to see I'm not alone. And most importantly it's the re-direction to actually work on me (as hard and daunting as it looks)it gives me light on this new journey I'm choosing to embark for myself and my babies! Thanks a million, times Susy!

I believe we have inside of us the power to heal ourselves. We simply need someone to hold our hand for a while and walk with us on this new path. As we begin our journey, we start to believe in ourselves and to challenge everything we were taught about ourselves, life, and the world. We learn how to re-parent ourselves, and it is there that we start to come home to our true authentic selves.

Are you feeling the call within?

Motherhood Healers is a deep + powerful program that will allow you to shine the light on the shadows and begin to rise into your most authentic brightest self – with your soul sisters beside you.

Motherhood Healers will gift your soul:


I don’t have enough words to explain how Susy's book helped me. It’s a must read and I recommend it every time I can ~ Alana Bril


Susy's work is amazing! I have never felt so seen or connected to someone I have never met! Susy will undoubtedly help so many women change their lives with her Work ~ Amanda M


Susy has literally changed my life. As a grown woman dealing with an emotional childhood trauma trying to navigate it whilst raising children of my own, Susy was able to walk me through each step whilst sharing her own experience! ~ Mrs Hague


Anyone that is looking to heal from past hurt, is a parent or wants to become one this woman is so relatable in how she writes. I gained so much insight in why I react to some things in life. It has truly helped me to be more of the mother I have always wanted to be, by helping me see why I sometimes react or do things I wish I wouldn't. As adults we all need healing in some way, some more than others. From the bottom of my heart this woman and women like her are helping to change the way we parent the new generations.~ Danielle

This is your time.

Motherhood Healers is for all women who are ready to;

My wish for you is that you to come home to your true self. I want to help you peel back the layers to unearth your light. I want you to stand in your true authentic self without the fear, conditioning, and generational trauma. Once you learn to unlock the magic and the gift within, your healing will take you on the most beautiful and profound journey of your life. This light inside of you will radiate out to your children, partner, and even further than you may be able to comprehend. Your light truly can reach the cosmos!

Investment + Offering:

When we heal, we show our children what is possible. We begin to truly see them, we are able to fully stand in motherhood and breathe it all in with love + reverence.

motherhood healers
starts thursday august 12th.

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