"Susy has shown me what I already knew deep in my heart to be true. That there is nothing wrong with my son - he didn't have the problem. The world around him just couldn't keep up with how amazingly wonderful and brilliant he was. Susy came into my life when I felt like no one else understood our plight and gave me the strength to be my son's strength. Eternally grateful."
Mel Tempra

I still remember what it felt like after Seren was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and defiance. I felt lost, isolated, embarrassed and a failure. I craved having a connection with others mums going through this and desperately wanted to find other mums like me.

I wanted to find a group of mums who understood the challenges, but also knew the power of the universe and that we reap what we sow. I felt so strongly that what I held in my heart for my child, my child would create for me. I knew that by being so negative, angry, anxious and fearful, I was attracting more of that to me - I knew I had to make a change!

I wanted to create a space for mothers that were open to sharing, learning, supporting and loving each other. A sisterhood of mothers who would raise each other up and be committed to finding the light. I decided that I would birth 'The Sisterhood' and it's one of the best decision I have ever made...

Does this sound like you?

🌟 You’re feeling lost, overwhelmed, confused and judged

🌟 You dread the daily or weekly conversations with teachers /caregivers

🌟 You feel guilty and sometimes blame yourself

🌟 You want to look at deficiencies, allergies and other holistic support, but you have no idea where to start

🌟 You are feeling unsupported in some of the other groups and you are craving community

🌟 You worry that something is being missed and the experts aren’t supporting you

🌟 You’re feeling a pull in your heart that things need to change

🌟 You’re afraid to listen to your intuition and have lost faith in yourself

🌟 You know you need to start working on your own healing 


One of the key things for more is letting go of the stories that we tell ourselves. You know the ones, the silent whispers that sometimes become so loud we start to believe them. "I'm a bad mum", I'm failing my child", "why can't I be like the other mums", "why is this happening to me"? I have heard them all, and it took a complete shift in my thought patterns and beliefs before I could break down those barriers. Once I learned to let to, once I cut chords with those deep-rooted emotions, fears and negativity; everything started to change for the better.

I will lovingly and supportively teach you how to get rid of what no longer serves you. How to rise as a woman and be the mother you were called here to be. I will guide you how to take back your power as a mother and show that this journey is here to teach you all about yourself, your child and your partner and family. This journey is here to crack you open, show you how to parent with love & light, to make peace with your different child and learn how to accept them.

The Sisterhood Membership will take you on a journey of discovery and enlightment. When we discover who we are, when we have a true sense of self and identity, then the healing can begin. Heal the mama, heal the child - my dream is the once you know the truth, you will thank your lucky stars that your child chose you!



Each week I jump into the Facebook group and do a live Q&A with mums. I guide and support mums with anything that they have going on in their lives. Each week we have a different topic depending of the needs of the sisters!


Have you ever found yourself unable to take advice from family & friends? They mean well, but they often have no idea what it's like to parent a spirited or different child. Our tribe gives you ongoing support, motivation, positivity & 100% honesty (yes we have those shit days too)!


The Facebook group has been made to give you support, love, guidance and to uplift you. This journey can be heavy and lonely and we can lost in the negativity. Having a supportive and positive place is key to thriving!


Whatever you need support with, simply head to the previous workshop vidoes to access the content and watch back any of the videos.

“Susy, I just have to say that what you’ve created is nothing short of incredible. I can honestly say its been life changing for me and therefore for my child/family to be part of this Sisterhood. I so appreciate having your knowledge and positivity especially in the hard times, its given me so much strength knowing that you’ve walked this path and it’s not all doom and gloom. It doesn’t have to go the traditional way, the doctors don’t have the answers, WE DO!!! We just need to dig deep to find it. I can’t imagine having gone down this road without the love and light you shine. THANK YOU”. xxx

Tory Saunders