The Rise In Medicating Our Children

Did you see our story in the media the last month? I must admit when I saw the headlines, even I was shocked, but the hundreds of messages following the story made me realise how important our story is to be shared with the world.
In Australia over the last five years, prescription medication in children has gone up by 40%. These figures haven’t just increased in Australia, they have increased world-wide.

With more and more doctors prescribing ‘off-label’, it means that medication which has not be approved by the TGA or the FDA are being given to children, and this is not ok. The side effects are being either ignored or children are being prescribed another medication to combat the side effects, and whether we believe this is morally right or not, it’s happening right now at an unprecedented rate.

I will be sharing more about our story with channel 9 (Australia’s leading TV channel)  in two weeks time, and as many of my followers are across the globe, I’m hoping that I can share the segment with you in your inbox and on social media. It’s important to state that many children and adults are using medication, with favourable outcomes, but there are many children and adults who are not, and this is why our story is getting press coverage.

When we look globally at the rising prescription rates, and knowing statistics like 1 in 3 children are misdiagnosed here in Australia (with similar figures worldwide), we are talking about millions of children who, like Seren, have side effects from medication. Many like Seren, are having serious side effects and this is why our story is important.

We need to talk about this. People will get triggered, but that’s ok – this is part of the awakening within our society and this will only happen when allow ourselves to sit with the discomfort and let our triggers be the guides.

To read the Daily Mail newspaper article – click HERE
To watch my segment on Studio 10 morning show – click HERE

If you are in Australia, we should be featured on channel 9’s, A Current Affair on the 30th or 31st of August, so tune in for the full story. As soon as I know more, I will be sharing it on social media, so please check in with me on Instagram or Facebook for updates.

I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to post your your comments below.

Love & light,

Susy xo
The ADHD Mama

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