Three Things To Remember If You Have a Spirited Child

Every day I receive messages and emails from distressed and overwhelmed mums, and they all have a common theme.


  • How can I help my child when they become angry and lose it?
  • What can do I when my child’s behaviour is triggering me?
  • How can I stop feeling angry when family/friends tell me how to parent my child?
  • How can I help them in school?
  • What can I do to help them with their diet as I want to get them off medication OR I don’t want to take that path?
  • Where do I start? I feel so overwhelmed.


I wanted to share three things that I share with these frantic mama’s, as I feel so much of what we do for our children will not work correctly if we don’t lay the proper foundations.


Many parents don’t realise they have been given this type of child for a reason. Within the hardships, there are lessons they must endure, so their child can begin to thrive! 


All of this, I have learned over the last 12 years parenting my amazing, spirited child. She has been the most significant gift to me, and I am forever grateful to have had the healing, awakening and unravelling to discover who I was supposed to be in this life.

I still find it hard at times, I still get triggered, but the more I work on me; the more she thrives!


These are my three tips;


  1. You must go first and begin YOUR path to healing. This means self-care, self-love, self-acceptance and letting go of fear, doubt, scarcity and guilt. These are the lowest form of vibration. When you are in this place, you aren’t leading and parenting through love. You must learn to love all the parts of you. When you do this, your child will be able to show you more love and connection, and in turn, you will show it back to them
  2. You must accept your child as they are; quirky, out of the box, the square peg in a round hole and love them for all the parts that you feel are hard to love. When you radically accept your child, you no longer care what others think. You stop being triggered by family, teachers and peers and in doing this, you change how others perceive your child too
  3. You have to work on your connection with your child. Spend time with them, play with them, cuddle and love them (even on the hard days). Even when they are having a meltdown, kicking and screaming, or hurling abuse at you. If they trigger you, this a part of yourself that needs healing. Go there, get uncomfortable, feel into this, as herein lies the path to your healing and your awakening.


Start looking at your child as a gift instead of a label, and see how quickly their behaviour starts to shift!


Love, light and radical healing,


Susy x

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