What You Hold In Your Heart For Your Child, Your Child Will Create For You!

This was one of the most profound statements that I ever heard when we were in thick of our parenting chaos.

For the last 13 years, both Karl and I have lived our lives based on the law of attraction. I learned how to become a master manifestor (this is one of the gifts of ADHD) and why it’s so important to visualise positivity over negativity. You can create MAGIC, but you can also create CHAOS.

Six years ago, I looked at my life and realised that everything that was happening to me, I had created. There were so many amazing things, three beautiful children, two incredible natural, homebirths and a move to Australia – I had so many things that I’d achieved. Yet, why was my parenting journey crashing around me?

One morning in complete desperation, I was curled up in the foetal position in the garden sobbing uncontrollably. I now see this breakdown as my breakthrough, as it was from this point that I began to pray and ask for guidance.

Then it hit me, by the law of attraction – I was creating this. My negative thoughts about my situation were simply being delivered back to me. I realised then how true this statement was;
“what you hold in your heart for your child; your child will create for you”. I knew there and then that things needed to change and I took steps to start manifesting a different life.

I share more of this in my chat with peaceful parenting coach Sarah Gimel. You can watch this episode and many more for free, by clicking this link (CLICK HERE).

For anyone in Perth who wants to hear the full story of how we changed our life, and I learned that miracles can come true when we shift our thinking, our beliefs and our emotional attachments and fear based stories.

I am holding a free talk in the city beach on Wednesday 27th November 7-9 pm. I will share how this began with me listening to my intuition, ignoring all expert advice and RISING into my power as a mother.

I truly believe that EVERY parent has the POWER to turn their parenting journey around and I can’t wait to share this with you. M husband, Karl will also be sharing his journey and has a very special message for dads. To grab your free ticket (CLICK HERE).

Susy xo

Big love to Krista Kilbane for sharing this quote with me.

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